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Digital Character Art:

Digital Portraits in Alina's art style come in 3 different sizes.
1) Headshot $50+: Consists of
the shoulders and higher. Gradient or solid color background included.
2) Mid-Body $75+: Usually includes the hips and up. Slight background details can be included(such as stars, clouds, basic shapes, etc).

3) Full body $100+: These portraits take the longest to create, but can include your character's full body and outfit, and a more detailed background such as fully rendered scenery of your choice.

Tip: When inquiring about a custom, the more details you give me, the better it will turn out! Tell me about your character's story, personality, their outfit, and any details you want included in the portrait!
I look forward to bringing your character to life! :)

Example of a Mid-Body Portrait

Hand Painted Wall Hangings

These wall hangings are painted on 4" round wood cuts and sealed with high-gloss resin to protect the paint and keep the colors vibrant. They are then attached to your choice of silver or gold chains.

All custom wall hangings are $50(including shipping) and will have your choice of regular gloss or glitter resin, and a silver or gold chain.

*Most designs are eligible for a wall hanging besides portraits of people or animals, as the canvas is too small to add enough detail.*

The most popular choices so far have been landscapes and floral designs. However, I am open to any and all requests!

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